Hungry Heartland is now available!

My new album Hungry Heartland is now purchasable right here on my website.  It is also now available on iTunesAmazon. and Spotify. Here are two samples...

Thank you Ben Cosgrove for composing a haunting and beautiful string arrangement for "Emily."  Thank you Jenn Fagre for performing all of it!

About HH: For many years, I've been accruing songs that couldn't necessarily move a bar full of people to dance but that I always thought were "pretty good." By some coincidence or not, these quieter and under-performed songs were written largely in and about the lower upper Midwest...even though I spent about 50% of my nights in Massachusetts during the time they came into my life. I've finally recorded this set, and am pleasantly surprised by how cohesive the thing seems to be. I hope you like the songs.

Posted on April 14, 2015 .