Merry Holidays...

I'm back in the North Country for Christmas and am playing a show with my fellow Saints at Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe in Duluth, MN. If your holiday home happens to be the same as mine, come out to my favorite café-type establishment tomorrow night, Christmas Eve-Eve. They now serve beer and wine! SA will start stomping-grass at approximately 7 PM...

Posted on December 22, 2014 .

Friday night!

Toad is my favorite tiny bar in Cambridge.  This will also be 90MP's last show together for some months - stop in and say hi!

Posted on December 11, 2014 .

Pulling in all directions

The next month will be pretty varied.  I'm performing a solo show in New Orleans, LA and will be jumping on stage with Dane Aaron, Ben Cosgrove, and Saint Anyway in a variety of places.  See below!

11/29/14: New Orleans, LA - Neutral Grounds, 7pm

12/3/14: Superior, WI - Red Mug Coffee, 7pm (w/Dane Aaron)

12/11/14: Salem, MA - Gulu Gulu Cafe, 8pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

12/12/14: Cambridge, MA - Toad, 10pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

12/23/14: Duluth, MN - Amazing Grace Cafe, 7pm (w/Saint Anyway)

Posted on November 29, 2014 .

The Public Transit Tour

I've been holed up in my closet studio in Somerville for a good couple months now and am more than ready seek colder climes and denser city streets.  Starting on November 16, I will be touring from Vermont to New York City by bus, train, and subway car. This is the first time I have undertaken an automobile-less tour, but it is something that I've been planning to try for a long while now.  I hope it won't be the last!  I need to somehow prove to myself that I can still do this sort of thing without a vehicle - so the stakes are high.  Come out to one of my shows on the "road" and I will let you know how it is going.


11/16/14: Montpelier, VT - The Skinny Pancake, 6pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

11/17/14: Montpelier, VT - Bagitos, 11am

11/18/14: Morrisville, VT - The Bee's Knees, 7:30pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

11/19/14: Northampton, MA - Sam's Cafe, 7pm 

11/21/14: New York City, NY - The Fifth Estate, 9pm (w/Caity Richards)

11/23/14: Somerville, MA - The Burren, 8pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

Posted on November 9, 2014 .