Holy War

Two shoes walk in, the look’s complete

He licks his lips and takes a seat

He knows you've seen his face in you're magazine

So wipe your heart up off your sleeve

All aboard...for the HOLY WAR

Give him more...HOLY WAR


But I'm OK, I stand outside

I've found my truth, I've found my tribe

I know this righteousness is just a terrible row

But don't point at me, I'm pointing at thou

Take a vow...for the holy cow

Yeah, gimme more... HOLY WAR


And I still remember last millennium

We all looked so good in our teased up hair

Can we go back tot he place where we started from?

Do you hear me?  Do you really care?



Two legs walk in, it's nothing new

She owns the room, she is the view

The century's new belle dame sans merci

But don't you hold your breath 'cause she's

Waiting for...HOLY WAR

Yeah give her more...HOLY WAR


And is this the way to start a millennium?

Rolling artillery into the fight?

Can't we go back to the place where we started from?

And pretend that everything is right

Just for one night....


So tell the truth, you ain't no liar

You're blowing hot air on the fire

Tell the truth you ain't no liar

You're blowing hot air on the fire


13th Avenue NE

I hate to leave you, standing like this

Walking away and I can taste taste your kiss

I guess this castle was really made to fall

With a sudden loss of reason like a fist into a wall


He doesn’t love you, that’s what they’ll say

He doesn’t take you seriously

Not with his own immortality to fix

He doesn’t love you, he just needs his kicks


But I will girl... yes I will girl


So if I list these places to go

Keep my head down through Ohio

Maybe I will finally purify my soul, (yeah)

Or maybe I will stall this growing old


But what’s the cost...of getting lost...

In these valleys, of these hills, I don’t know

Always leaving or waiting to go


Is it us?

Is it us?

Don’t say it’s us...

I believe in us...


So don’t let go

Lean your head upon my shoulder babe

When I’m out of this alive

We’ll be standing by a river ‘neath that Amoretto sky


The Music Won't Stop

Baby’s got a velvet tongue, but she won’t speak

I do most of the talking for her now it seems

And though I got the legs to move, I won’t leave

I know I’ve got a bed to use, but I won’t sleep


The music won’t stop


Later in the rain my brain is just a thunderstorm

As cellos in the chambers of my head howl through the score

Of waking reservations, ruminations on the day before

Oh my obsession in blue with the keys to my every door


I will try…yeah I’ll try

Not to run to you in the morning

But in the night…in the night

I’m undone by you without warning

And the music wont’ stop


So tell me what’s the secret in the polyphony

Of every word she says without a word her silent symphony

And stop – stop – stop because it’s killing me

My Madonnoa, my muse, or malevolent Persephone




No the music won’t stop

Now I know I will forget you not, because the music won’t stop

No the music won’t stop

Now I know I will forget you not, because the music won’t stop

1, 2, 3, 4!


Supernatural Wine

Well people used to tell me that everything must pass

Nothing here around us was ever meant to last

Grab that light around your and hold it to your breast

Til’ it’s over


And out there in the distance, melancholy bells

Ringing out forgiveness, the stories that they tell

Father my dear father went down to wish ‘em well

In the morning


Ain’t that the way that it goes sometimes?

Just when you save a little piece of your mind

They’ve got you drinking supernatural wine

Well I read it in the magazines, read it in the Times

Everyone was tangled up in someone else’s vine

Father my dear father where do we draw the line

What’s the answer?


And I used to have a brother, dreamer just like me

Guess we never really fall to far from the tree

Now he’s got religion and a house for all to see

Outside the city




Supernatural is a feeling, it can save you in the night

Supernatural left me reeling, and I couldn’t even fight


Somewhere outside of Cheyanne, beyond that border line

I ran into a preacher who poured that special wine

I was feeling lucky, but he gave me quite a time

On a Sunday


Well maybe I was ready, maybe I was bought

Maybe I had given up, given all I got

Somehow when he came to me and poured another shot

I was thirsty




Don’t give me no, don't give me no, don't give me no supernatural wine


Burnin' Down The House

Well I woke up early in the drivin’ rain

To find John’s out hittin’ on the liquor again

Wasn’t to late about half past ten when

He let loose what the cat dragged in

It was a Sunday


Well morning came and morning went

And he tried to make me pay the rent

I said “I aint got no money for you

Can I pay my way with these dancin’ shoes?”

He thought I was kidding


Brother brother what you owe me

I can’t count on anymore

Till the police come a knockin’

On my door


We’ll be burnin’ down the house

Tear it to the ground

Burn it up, tear it down

Burnin’ down the house


Well I spent some time in a back-woods town

Ain’t nothing to do because there was nothin’ around

The deputy sheriff ran around the block

But the streets were empty and the doors were locked

Got pretty lonely


And the preacher there came and rang my bell

Told me little ‘bout heaven and a lot about hell

I said, “I ain’t got no money for you

Can I pay my way with these dancing shoes?”

He thought I was kidding

I was not kidding


Father father what you owe me

I can’t count on anymore

Till the angels come a knockin’

On my door




The world outside is mad and cold

You don’t grow up you just grow old

Soon it’s over, so they say

But God almighty, till that day...