The Public Transit Tour

I've been holed up in my closet studio in Somerville for a good couple months now and am more than ready seek colder climes and denser city streets.  Starting on November 16, I will be touring from Vermont to New York City by bus, train, and subway car. This is the first time I have undertaken an automobile-less tour, but it is something that I've been planning to try for a long while now.  I hope it won't be the last!  I need to somehow prove to myself that I can still do this sort of thing without a vehicle - so the stakes are high.  Come out to one of my shows on the "road" and I will let you know how it is going.


11/16/14: Montpelier, VT - The Skinny Pancake, 6pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

11/17/14: Montpelier, VT - Bagitos, 11am

11/18/14: Morrisville, VT - The Bee's Knees, 7:30pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

11/19/14: Northampton, MA - Sam's Cafe, 7pm 

11/21/14: New York City, NY - The Fifth Estate, 9pm (w/Caity Richards)

11/23/14: Somerville, MA - The Burren, 8pm (w/Ben Cosgrove)

Posted on November 9, 2014 .