Many Rivers East

Sideways to Chicago, we took everything and rode away

This highway's gone to potholes, but I bet we can make it in one day

Oh oh oh, woah oh oh oh


Breakdown Granite City, but every passing car was unimpressed

Night on the Mississippi, two lovers in the backseat roll the windows up and try to get some rest

Oh oh oh, woah oh oh oh

Oh oh oh, woah oh oh oh


Would you start again with me?  Fall apart and then just breathe?

Oh oh oh, oh woah oh oh

Oh, oh

Oh oh oh, woah oh oh


Kitchen Light

So I woke up late last night, in an awful dream

I was laying in bed, listening to voices in the ceiling

Then I looked out at the rain, thought I saw your face in the window pane

But I knew then, I was only back asleep again


Now when I get down, I like to take caffeine

Yeah when I get up that alcohol is a sweet release

Yeah I know just what it takes, and I know what it means to float away

But that is not what I came here to say


Do you feel alright?

Are you up all night?

Are you waiting for a loving hand...

To turn on the kitchen light?


So is it any surprise that I wake up lying on the moon?

Is it any surprise that I wake up wanting to wake up next to you?

Oh sometimes life is so strange, because even when I seek some change

I find that what I need is more or less the same


Am I too far gone?

Is the interstate too long?

Do you still believe this darkness...

Will be broken by the dawn?


3rd and 6th

Four years, and an age ago I met you out in the rain

Eyes lock so casual, but feet carried on up the main

And it must have been the cold that bade me for to go

But I loved you then I know, for a minute or so


Sunday Blue

Saving all my time for an afternoon 

Saving all my love for someone like you 

I don’t live here in this town, I'm just passing through 

And I ain’t looking in your eyes just to see the view 


Sunday blue, Sunday blue 


Look what I’ve become learning how to live alone 

A statue on the sidewalk in this city made of stone 

I don’t sleep any more than I used to do 

I just wait for the sky to come falling through 




Stayed up half the night wondering what the hell to do 

I thought I caught your fleeting glimpse, but it was gone so soon